Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Cream

Jo is much better than I on keeping up on various food blogs.  So, when she heard about the vicious snow storms we have been getting Jo, being an awesome friend, sent me a recipe for Snow Cream.
Out of curiosity, I Googled for other versions and found a ton!  I found that a lot of the recipes use either evaporated milk, such as Paula Deen's version or beaten egg.  Although according to the American Egg Board (really, there is one) the chances of getting salmonella from raw eggs is very low, as this was a project for my 6 year-old daughter BabyBella and 5 year-old niece, I went with the simplest milk version. Recipe after the break.

Snow Cream
  • 6 cups clean snow
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Desired flavoring (more on that below)
Considering we got almost 40 inches of snow in the last week, getting some wasn't much of an issue.  I put my snow collecting and mixing bowls outside for awhile to chill, then when the kids had reached "where's my snack?" point I went out and collected them.  As it hadn't snowed since last night, I scraped off the first two inches and scooped up 6 cups of nice, fresh fluffy white stuff (don't eat the yellow snow!).

Here's BabyBella, yesterday afternoon, trying to climb the 5 foot drift in front of our house.

I measured out all of the ingredients then split them into two so each girl could make their own. For flavoring, BabyBella wanted vanilla so I put one drop of vanilla extract into her milk.  For Num1Niece, I stirred a teaspoon of chocolate syrup into her milk.

Alternating, add half a cup of snow, then some milk and sugar, then more snow, milk, sugar, in layers, until you use up the ingredients, then stir very well.

Some recipes say to fold in the ingredients with a spatula, others say simply stir.  I tried both the spatula and stir methods and found that whisking the milk/sugar into about a cup of snow first then folding in the rest of the snow with a spatula gave it the creamiest texture.
Of course, Mommy had to make some for herself.  I used a teaspoon of strawberry jelly in mine plus stole taste-tested what the girls made.
Now THAT is a good use for snow!

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