Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Pass, One Fail--Ruhlman Rolls and Monkeybread

Cooking is one of those things where sometimes you just fail.  I've set the frying pan on fire, dropped pan loads of lasagna fresh out of the oven, exploded soup in the blender and all sorts of other entertainingly spectacular (and messy) disasters.  Other times, cooking results in absolute hits where impressed guests clear the dinner platters and ask for the recipe.

This week had both.

First was the monkeybread.  Jo's pics and rave reviews had me drooling over the thought of some gooey yumminess.  The recipe was easy to follow and mixed up easy as could be.

The first and second rise went great.

As I was planning on making them the next morning for breakfast, I put them in the fridge overnight.
This is the monkeybread after the second rise.  Looking perfect and wonderful.

The next morning, unfortunately, didn't go so well. I pulled the bread from the fridge and it looked very sad and deflated.  I popped it into the oven anyway...not one of my better ideas.

Ah well, so it didn't turn out to be the prettiest breakfast in the world. But I will say, it was tasty.  But yeah, pretty much a fail. Oh yeah, I call it Monkeybread instead of Monkeyballs because, after my six-year-old daughter went skipping off to her Catholic school singing "I love Monkeyballs, Monkeyballs" I decided maybe we'd keep it a bit more G-rated.
On the other hand, the buttermilk rolls from Ruhlman were amazing!  Admittedly, I was bit nervous after the Monkeybread incident, but decided to go ahead with them anyway.  OK, so I didn't weigh the flour or be as precise as Ruhlman suggested I be...but I referenced the two other recipes cited and just kind of went with it.  First, happy little dough balls.

Which rose exactly as expected.

Then baked up nice and golden.
And were some of the most tender, delicious rolls I ever ate.  Total win.
So there you have it--sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  At least with food the results, no matter what they look like, it's almost always delicious.

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