Sunday, May 02, 2010


steaming hot pho

I love soups, quick soups especially. Pho is not a quick soup, well the process is not quick unless you use a pressure cooker. Steamy Kitchen's Pho or Steamy Kitchen's crockpot Pho I have found that using a pressure cooker takes about 5 hours off the process. Does it taste as good? Yea it's not bad, slow cooking is the best, but crockpots are never big enough!

I have a 12 qt pot with pressure lid. I do everything as the above recipes, except when the bones come to a boil, I put the lid on, and set the pressure to high and let it rip for 1 hour. Then I turn off the heat and release the pressure. Wohoo soup is ready! Now I have soup for several servings. I freeze them in one quart amounts, and pull them out when I am craving pho.

Now the fillings, I purchase frozen thin sliced ribeye, or brisket from the Korean market. If you have a deep freezer it totally works. I bring home 6lbs and separate them into 3/4 lb sections.

raw meat

I hate mung beans, just my thing, so I don't buy them every often only when my husband wants Pho will I get some. Otherwise, I serve a plate with all the vegetable accompaniments for everyone to chose, thin sliced onions, jalapeno peppers, basil, cilantro, and spinach.

ready for toppings

Always place the noodles in the bottom of the bowl and for food safety I place the raw meat slices in the bowl and pour boiling soup over to cook them. The bowls of steaming hot soup are placed at the table and everyone has perfectly cooked meat. I like a dab of chili garlic sauce and hoisin in my soup.

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