Saturday, May 08, 2010

Slow smoked pork picnic

absolutely tender

So my husband has been working on this cooking method for a while. When in the South, smoke meat!

The process starts with a pork butt, also called a boston butt, or shoulder. Heavily season with salt and pepper.

3lb pork butt

Now the proper way to cook this is to use a smoker, but hey sometimes you aren't certain if you will use the appliance that often so you make do. Using our gas grill, he set the temp very low at 200* and used a tray to place soaked wood chips over the burner. He also placed some large soaked wood chunks on the grill too.

smoking away

So with a meat probe inserted in the center, watch your temp and make sure there's plenty of smoke, when the pork reaches 180* it's time to eat!

is it ready yet?

By the way. The house will smell slightly of wood smoke for a few days if your husband has the door open the whole time. Well you know 8 hours of slow smoking will do that to the house.

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