Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sweet & Spicy ribs... Where did they go?

sweet & spicy ribs

This is my follow up on the sweet and spicy marinade. This is the preferred sauce for ribs or pork in my house. Now Bella has her way of cooking ribs, and this is my way.

slab o'pig

Doesn't matter what type of ribs I use, spareribs, or baby back, it's all processed the same way. This batch I made the ribs weighed in at about 3 lbs. I grab my favorite knife and slice them into single bone sections. All are placed in a evenly spaced pile on double layer of foil.

raw ribs

Foil pouches are awesome.

tight foil

This goes into the oven at 350* for 1 hour. When they come out, I've got steam baked pork, it's tender and fully cooked all pure pork flavor at this moment.

steam baked

While the ribs are cooling, it's time to make my marinade again.

that's a lot of stuff

I realize now that there is a chili sauce that's available in the ketchup aisle. Heinz makes one and I've never used it. We'll just stick with the Asian sauce. By the way, I noticed also that Lee Kum Kee and Dynasty make a garlic chili sauce also, and those might be considered mainstream market items.

Take the ribs out, and shake off excess liquid, place in bowl and rotate several times during the marinating process.


Now it's the finish time. The weather has been warm and it's grill season again!


Make sure you brush the glaze on the ribs often, and it should only take 5 min on each side.

As you can see from the first photo the ribs barely made the platter, before Stinky descended on them.

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