Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is in our food?

I saw this on Serious Eats US nuggets and followed the link to CNN's Sanjay Gupta section.

Which also had me looking for this clip.

Now that's Jamie's take on the prepared nuggets, he didn't add multi-syllable chemical agents to maintain form and what little texture there is.

Here is another clip of real chicken nuggets.

So tell me which one do you want to eat?

Monday, June 28, 2010

15 Minute Bay Scallop Alfredo

Cooking during the summer in this house can be a chore.  It's a darling house that I love dearly, but having been built in the 1800's and gone through several owners, the quality of the various upgrades/changes varies.  The kitchen, for example, was a later addition done on the cheap--they literally plugged an 11'x10' box onto the back of the second story with no insulation and minimal underside supports.  Therefore, besides having to shore up the room before I moved in (nothing like having to ask the question "well, is it going to fall off?") my kitchen, being the outside wall on four of six sides, is pretty much the same temperature as outside.  During the winter I just make a lot of breads, stews, and other long-cooking items to keep the room toasty, but in the summer anything which adds heat to the room makes the entire floor unbearable.
Not being a takeout kind of girl (it's fine once in awhile, but all summer? Expensive and unhealthy!) instead I've made it my mission this summer to come up with recipes that minimize my time in the kitchen and don't use the oven.  Yeah, I know, there are millions of 30-minute cookbooks out there but really--isn't that aiming too low?  Dinner is totally possible in 15 minutes which I proved last night with my 15 Minute Bay Scallop Alfredo. (recipe after the break)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're on Vacation

Neither Jo or I have posted in a bit because we're on vacation.  We really should've warned you that we'd both be on summer break and not posting.  For Jo, well she's been busy back at work and her Stinky is off from school.  For myself, I don't tend to cook as much during the summer because it's a gazillion degrees here (and humid) and with the crappy lack of insulation in my house any cooking just defeats my poor over-worked air conditioning.  Never mind that, I decided to redo my kitchen which means it's been lots of takeout around here.

But I saw this yesterday and had to share.  I was in the local kitchen store looking for a new pot rack (darn those things are expensive!) and as I'm browsing this caught my eye:
A Monkey bread pan? Really?  Now, I know there are all sorts of specialty cookware items out there for pretty much everything imaginable but sometimes it makes sense because its an essential (e.g. bundt pan, bread pans) but this just seems silly.  One day I will have a huge kitchen with plenty of storage for all my random specialty toys, but even then I don't think this is going to be something I'll buy.