Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things We Like Thursdays

This week Jo and I are starting "Things We Like Thursdays" to randomly rant or showoff anything fun, nifty, cool of entertaining we found this week.  Whether it be a new blog, a beautiful looking recipe, extra-yummy restaurant, a squee-worthy puppy licking a kitten in a room full of stuffed animals and rainbows, or anything else that crosses our beady little minds, Jo and I will be sharing our obsession of the week with you.

To kick off the inaugural edition of "Things We Like Thursdays" I present to you one of my top ten completely-unnecessary-but-OMG-I-want-it kitchen items: Geeky Ice trays.
That's right--the Overlords at ThinkGeek have brought us the coolest (argh, really?) nostalgia-inspiring drink accessory since the resurgence of 50's style milkshake blenders in the form of Space Invader Ice Cube trays. Imagine geeking out your favorite drink with these little dudes then rhapsodizing for hours with your friends about the gazillions of hours you spent crouching progressively lower (as if that ever helped) to avoid the alien descent.  Oh...was that just me?  Come on, you know you just like totally had an 80's flashback. Fer shure.
Fred and Friends Ice Invaders

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You May Experience Technical Diffculties

Now that Bitch and Bake has been up and running for a few months I've decided it's time for a bit of a site design overhaul.  Admittedly the current layout is made up of a few graphics I slapped together one afternoon plus some basic widgets.  Not exactly high-class design, but it gave me time to learn a bit more about this platform.

What I need from you, dear reader, is twofold--first, your patience because as things get changed I will likely break parts of the site by botching up new code elements.  I promise nothing will be broken long so your patience while certain content is unavailable will be rewarded.  Second--if there is anything you'd like to see, have any feedback, or requests in layout or functionality or anything else (including "hey Bella, this over here is still broken) please let us know by leaving a comment below.  Jo and I want to make your visits to our cooking journey as much fun and easy as possible.

Oops, there is a third thing--if you're a reader and want us to post a link to your blog leave us the URL below and we'll add it in (disclaimer: nothing NC-17 or plus please...Jo and I are both parents of impressionable youngsters).

Thanks everyone!  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blueberries Part II

Jo has all the essentials covered in her version of our happy baking escapade.  I love it when a plan comes together and we get to Skype our way through a recipe.  As a note, BabyBella is a big fan of Jo's to the degree where every time she's helping me make something new and unusual she always reminds me to either Skype Jo or take pictures.

In case you're wondering what Jo looks like, here's a picture of her as we're talking (after the break):

Monday, July 26, 2010


Today, I went blueberry picking with a friend. I came home with 3.6 lbs of blueberries. I threw about 2lbs into the chest freezer and the rest, I've been planning to make Blueberry Boy Bait Not that I'm trying to catch a boy, lord knows there are 2 human males and one canine male in this house and they drive me batty. But come on, like anyone else, the name is the draw! I pulled my butter out of the freezer and started laying out the ingredients and pulling up the recipe on my laptop, and of course, there was something missing. My baking buddy! I sent Bella a text, asking if she was interested in baking with me and the planets, gods, nature, whatever were aligned. Bella was available and she had blueberries in her fridge to boot! Fortuitous! So of course, now it's grab our laptops and set up the skype and let her rip. I decided to make a full sized pan and Bella went with a 9x9. The excuse for me is that I can take it to work tomorrow and have people help me eat it all.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pecan Pie

I love pie.  Any and all pies.  Peach pie, apple pie, cherry pie, chicken pot pie, shepherd's pie...they make me happy.  Of course, just saying the word "pie" makes me think of David Cross' guest appearance in Just Shoot Me. 

Anyway, with that said, I invited myself over my brother's for dinner the other night.  I absolutely adore big family dinners but my house is too small to fit our ever-expanding extended family in so my solution is to invite everyone over my brother's then bring the food.  It's a good solution all around--he has the space, I enjoy cooking for a small army, and we both like any excuse to get everyone together.  With it being summer, dinner was traditional family picnic favorites such as seasoned burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and tortellini salad.  But I was in the mood to do a little something different for dessert so decided to tackle my very first pecan pie. (More after the break)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink

kitchen sink pasta salad This will be a quick post. I've been working and dealing with the summer heat. So I'm not interested in coming home and heating up my kitchen. I've grilled chicken the other night and some nut, not me decided to bake MONSTER chicken breasts last night. I mean really big hormone induced white meat, that takes an hour to bake because they are so big. So I have left over chicken and I do not want a repeat of a hot house and my poor electric bill rising exponentially for our comfort as the oven flames on. One of my go to meals in the summer is macaroni or pasta salad. I toss everything and anything that sounds good to me. In the photo you can see sliced olives, celery, carrots, and chickpeas. What is also in there is finely chopped Vidalia onions, chopped eggs, sliced grilled Thai style thighs, and baked breasts, thinly sliced napa cabbage, chopped parsley, and pickled jalepeno slices. I like to season the salad with a bit of black pepper, lots of paprika, a bit of salt, and Sirracha sauce, besides the requisite mayo. I like that heat the chili sauce brings. Now if this was my non mayo salad, I would make a simple vinaigrette with the pickled jalepeno juice, a bit of oil, and the usual seasonings.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

When it's time to clean out the fridge what do you do? Make quiche

slice of pie! Sometimes even if it is hot, I still turn on the oven. One of the reasons, well I have to clean out the fridge. Nothing is better than a quiche or a frittata. I can pass most any vegetable past my kid as long as there is plenty of cheese in the quiche. I use whatever meat I have too, but usually it's bacon. Hey we always have bacon in this house.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Caffeinated cool drinks

Holy smokes it's hot out there! Atlanta has been in the 90s with humidity and heat index making everyone feel like it's 110* in the shade.

One of the pleasures I enjoy during the warm months is iced tea. We drink iced tea by the gallon daily. I also brew my own tea. Now, I appreciate sweet tea, I really do, but the tea that is consumed out here, will make you a diabetic. Also I'm a tea snob. Hey, I can't help it, my ancestors figured out tea was a beverage.

iced lychee scented black tea w/ mint