Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink

kitchen sink pasta salad This will be a quick post. I've been working and dealing with the summer heat. So I'm not interested in coming home and heating up my kitchen. I've grilled chicken the other night and some nut, not me decided to bake MONSTER chicken breasts last night. I mean really big hormone induced white meat, that takes an hour to bake because they are so big. So I have left over chicken and I do not want a repeat of a hot house and my poor electric bill rising exponentially for our comfort as the oven flames on. One of my go to meals in the summer is macaroni or pasta salad. I toss everything and anything that sounds good to me. In the photo you can see sliced olives, celery, carrots, and chickpeas. What is also in there is finely chopped Vidalia onions, chopped eggs, sliced grilled Thai style thighs, and baked breasts, thinly sliced napa cabbage, chopped parsley, and pickled jalepeno slices. I like to season the salad with a bit of black pepper, lots of paprika, a bit of salt, and Sirracha sauce, besides the requisite mayo. I like that heat the chili sauce brings. Now if this was my non mayo salad, I would make a simple vinaigrette with the pickled jalepeno juice, a bit of oil, and the usual seasonings.

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