Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things We Like Thursdays

This week Jo and I are starting "Things We Like Thursdays" to randomly rant or showoff anything fun, nifty, cool of entertaining we found this week.  Whether it be a new blog, a beautiful looking recipe, extra-yummy restaurant, a squee-worthy puppy licking a kitten in a room full of stuffed animals and rainbows, or anything else that crosses our beady little minds, Jo and I will be sharing our obsession of the week with you.

To kick off the inaugural edition of "Things We Like Thursdays" I present to you one of my top ten completely-unnecessary-but-OMG-I-want-it kitchen items: Geeky Ice trays.
That's right--the Overlords at ThinkGeek have brought us the coolest (argh, really?) nostalgia-inspiring drink accessory since the resurgence of 50's style milkshake blenders in the form of Space Invader Ice Cube trays. Imagine geeking out your favorite drink with these little dudes then rhapsodizing for hours with your friends about the gazillions of hours you spent crouching progressively lower (as if that ever helped) to avoid the alien descent.  Oh...was that just me?  Come on, you know you just like totally had an 80's flashback. Fer shure.
Fred and Friends Ice Invaders

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