Monday, August 09, 2010

Everyday Chocolate Cake from Smitten Kitchen

Another weekend where the stars aligned and both Jo and I managed to catch up to cook together.  This time the project was Smitten Kitchen's Everyday Chocolate Cake (I told Jo we need to pick another blog to do recipes on so no one feels picked on...teehee).

(What happened after the break)

All in all, it is a straightforward recipe.  The biggest glitch was that neither Jo or I could get our butter/sugar combo fluffy until we both realized we had to put our mixers on high for the 3 minutes.

Beyond that everything went just peachy.  Of course, neither of us can actually follow directions and I added both a tablespoon of brewed coffee and malt to the batter.  For some reason the addition of coffee to any chocolate recipe is just necessary to bring out the true chocolaty flavor. Here's the batter all ready to go, just needed a quick stir to get the edges:

As we decided to use bundt pans (they result in a prettier end product) I increased the temperature to 350 degrees and after 50 minutes the cake center passed the toothpick test.

Here the cake is, looking all lovely out of the oven.

Unfortunately, I only let the cake cool for 10 minutes before flipping.  That was a mistake--I should've waited a teeny bit longer (another 10 minutes) as I lost bits and pieces of the top. Also seems that although I remembered to spray the bundt pan, I hadn't floured it (thanks for pointing that out Jo).  This is why you're supposed to read directions.

But hey, it gave me a really good reason to taste test before serving.  I couldn't just leave the cake bits in the bundt pan uneaten, right?

Thankfully a sprinkling of powdered sugar hides a multitude of sins:
Was it delish?  Oh most definitely.  I ended up at an impromptu dinner party last night with some friends and brought this cake with me--and the universal opinion from everyone that it was moist, decadent, and they were collectively mad at me for bringing such an irresistibly delicious cake that ruined their diets.

Two thumbs up!

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