Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Full baking day

As Bella posted we made another recipe together.  I bit of planning as I really did want to bake on Saturday, but I came home from work pretty darn wiped out.  So what did I learn from this recipe?  I didn't bother with precise measurements.  No matter what Bella says, I really don't measure that much.

Where's the windex?
Hmm, I seem to have gotten Bella dirty.  Well when in the kitchen messes do occur.

I had gone to the store to pick up fresh berries and a few things for dinner that night.  I had even mentioned to Bella earlier that I needed more butter as I had only 3 sticks left.  I usually have a spare pound or two in the deep freezer, but for some reason my deep freezer is full of split chicken breasts and I'm afraid they will break a foot as I go looking.  I sparingly buttered my bundt pan, but I floured the heck out of it!
A well floured bundt pan

Bella mentioned coffee in the cake, I had a fresh pot of coffee brewed, so I just poured it into the batter, perhaps a tablespoon or so.  I also used cinnamon, and ground ginger into the batter.  Bella used whatever Hershey's cocoa powder she had available, I did also, but I happened to grab the Dark Chocolate powder.

dark and rich?

I chose to bake at 325* for an hour.  I let it rest out of the oven for about 30 min before releasing from the pan.  Hmm, note to self; next time when I flour a pan for chocolate cake use cocoa powder instead.  I had clumps of flour stuck to my cake.  Hmm, maybe I just shouldn't use such a heavy hand or make more of an effort to remove the excess flour.

rich dark and dense

 Thank goodness for powdered sugar
snow capped mountains
meh forget the berries

Oh so what did I do while Bella was making a pork loin?  Well I had a flank steak marinating in Bulgogi sauce for the grill.  Also since Stinky was to start school the next day, I felt the need to make sweets to bribe him in a good mood.  I made an off the cuff compost cookie dough, and also a blackberry pie.  What can I say?  I made sure I got all my baking done in one day.

on the fly compost cookies

These cookies were made from a basic chocolate chip dough.  2 sticks butter, white and brown sugars, etc etc.  What was different was that I used a full bag of chocolate chunks, a bag of Heath Toffee bits, and half a bag of Caramel bits, oh and about 1 1/2 cups of stale pretzel sticks.

So on to the pie.  My husband has a love of blackberries.  Also Stinky had to mow the backyard and it's quite long so I didn't want an argument or worse, so a bribe was necessary.
sugary berries

It's a basic recipe I grabbed from Simply Recipes.  Elise has a wealth of easy reasonable recipes to peruse through.  I did not make my own crust as I was short butter.  I admit I do have Pillsbury ready made in the freezer, so that was defrosting while we were cake baking. 
lattice top

I baked this pie at 400* for 30 min, then reduced the heat to 375* for another 30 min.  This recipe called for 5-6 cups of berries, fresh or defrosted.  I didn't wait for the berries to defrost fully and drain the excess liquid, hence my pie runneth over.

drippy pie

Oh but what a happy husband I have now.
happy husband pie

Of course I had to make whipped cream for the cake, and it certainly goes well with pie too.

no words needed

By the way, the pie is gone.  It barely lasted 2 days.  What can I say, he loves his pies.

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