Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things We Like Thursdays -- Food Jewelry

I don't normally do "cutesy."  This is a general statement covering everything from movies to fashion to home decor.

Except for one little exception--I'm a total sucker for realistic mini food jewelry.  There's just something about wearing tiny bits of squee-worthy yumminess about your person that does it for me. Yes, cutesy out the wazoo.

I totally own these:
Seriously, if it wasn't for the earring hooks attached you'd so want a bite of that cake.

The genius behind these earrings is mmagda who sells, at ridiculously awesome prices on Etsy, a ton of different confectionary jewelry treats.  mmagda even does custom work.  Sadly, the rainbow cake earrings are no longer for sale, but these others are on my wishlist (click caption to go directly to Etsy listing):  
Chocolate Cupcake Bracelet
Sandwich Pendant
Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Ring
Waffle Bobby Pins
Cuteness overload!! (And no, I don't know mmagda and they don't know I am writing this. I'm just being a total fanboy.)

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