About Us

Jo, is trying to keep it together while she tries to navigate the teen years with a stinky, stubborn, and surly boy, who can't decide if he's going to be sweet or not. Sweet happens when he wants something. When she's not cringing as her son wrestles an opponent, and really holds herself back from running onto the mat to beat the opponent up, she tries to cook healthy meals for her two men, while still indulging in sweet treats. She's not going to stand on a soapbox and preach the gospel of Alice Waters, but cook and shop as most people do, on a budget and in grocery stores close to home, with reasonable ingredients. Well maybe some will be harder to obtain. Your tools may vary.


Bella is a full-time employee specializing in data analysis and metrics for a large firm.  Her other full-time, but most important job, is being a single mom to a very bright, active, stubborn, sassy and curious little girl and budding chef.  When she's not wrecking the kitchen or ignoring recipe directions to the chagrin of real cooks everywhere, running around with/after/for BabyBella, or in an exhaustion-induced slumber, Bella spends her remaining time designing and sewing retro inspired clothing for adults and frilly frocks for little princesses.