Saturday, January 23, 2010

BBQ beef sandwiches

I was trying to find something that was simple and filling and ran across this recipe on Simply Recipes. This looked good, something different and tasty, and a bit of a warm weather reminder in the freezing cold. The ingredients were fairly inexpensive and made enough to serve 12. That's two meals in this house.
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all the ingredients
I love onions, the scent means dinner is on the way!
loving the sauteed onions
After the onions are sauteed, add the tomatoes and bbq sauce. I happened to have a jar of Corky's bbq sauce in the fridge. This brand is from a restaurant in Memphis, TN.
add the tomatoes & bbq sauce
After the sauce has simmered, it's time to add the beef.
simmered sauce with whole chuck roast Honestly, there is a slab of beef in there!

I pulled out the beef after a 3 hour simmer, and took my Global and tongs to the mass of meat. I did toss the tendon and extra fat bits into the dog bowl. Knowing my son he's not gonna touch his dinner if he saw that.
shredded beef
After the sauce was simmered again and had reduced to a thicker consistency, I added the shredded beef back into the pot to warm it up.
back into the sauce
This is the finished product. shredded bbq beef on sesame bun This is best served with seasoned corn, a salad, or coleslaw.

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